Specialize in Cloud DevOps

Our highly sought after program curriculum is crafted by people with real hands-on industry expertise. You will use leading Open Source projects and put the best of breed commercial technologies to use on real projects while our instructors focus on helping you kick your career into cloud computing.

Learn From Industry Experts

Join our cohort and learn hands-on with a curriculum designed and taught by industry’s best of the best.

Build Your Portfolio

Apply your skills on real life projects and build your working portfolio not just your resume.

Realize Your Dream

Our partner companies are looking to hire and the demand curve is steep.

Demand for Cloud DevOps is steep!

Adopting the principles of DevOps is easier for startups but not so for the large established corporations. We have helped not only several startups but also teams at large established corporations, such as Microsoft and Boeing, in reshaping their internal culture and driving organizational change while adopting Cloud DevOps.


Brandon from JBLM
Cloud Genius has the best instructors I have had the privilege of working with so far.
Brandon Wigington | Training Coordinating Officer for US Military
| Brandon
Nilesh went above and beyond course expectation in several areas by being available for one on one discussions and taught many non cloud topics students were interested with. Although Nilesh is a technology genius, he is very humble and thoughtful.
Shahul Hameed | Director of IT, Expedia

All of the teaching are “Real World Cases” which is huge.
Nicu Parente | US Army Infantry

Class discussions are video recorded and made available offline for self review. That is really great since some of us can’t make a few of the sessions.
Arjun Bajracharya | US Army

Cloud Genius internal library (OPENedX) is a gold mine.
Toma Frost | US Army

Instructors are helpful and very considerate when we say we don’t get it. Really important!
Ahren Swett | US Army

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For Aspiring Cloud Computing Professionals

A Powerful New Way to Stand Out and Accelerate Your Career.

Because businesses need you.

  • They need experts who remain vendor neutral without getting tainted by vendor generated FUD and tease out the best possible solution to build out their cloud infrastructure within budget constraints.
  • They need DevOps staff members who know how to migrate existing applications over to the cloud and automate cloud operations while minimizing business downtime.
  • And they need people who can architect a robust cloud blueprint for the business.

So are you the rock star of your niche where head hunters are after you? Do you have a full roster of awesome clients who are paying you top dollar? If you’re not there yet (or even if you are), you need to think carefully about how employers (or your clients) see you.

There is a reason we call it cloud genius

Why did we call it that? Because we’re inviting you to step up and be a Cloud Genius. It’s a plain fact. You know more than most other cloud professionals. You have a more advanced approach. You’ve invested in your own professional development. You “get” where cloud computing is headed — now and in the future. As a smart, tech-savvy person, you should be acknowledged as the Cloud Genius.

Now we need to ensure employers/clients see you that way, too..

Learn about:

Cloud Genius Certification Program

Our university/academic partners have literally been asking us to develop this for years now. They’ve wanted to offer you a clear meaningful way to rise above the crowd.

But do you know who else has been asking us for it?

Your potential employers and clients.

Smart businesses of every kind, large and small, know that they need top-quality skill in order to reboot their business into the cloud.

The Class Experience

Cloud Genius certification requires heavy hands-on experiential learning in the classroom. The entire coursework requires considerable hands on computer work that you will do on your own computer. It does not matter if you use Windows, Mac or Linux. We will provide you a sandboxed virtual machine environment so that class experimentation will not mess up your computer.

Before meeting on campus twice every week to work hands-on, you review video lectures and learning material available on-demand. Our instructors do not lecture you in class, instead facilitate learning while teams in the class collaborate on real projects, discuss issues, and debate pros/cons of various approaches to identify the best solution for a problem at hand.

Through this program you gain a solid foundation in cloud technologies, modern DevOps practices including automation of cloud infrastructure using ruby and chef. Don’t worry if you don’t already know programming because we will teach you what it takes to accomplish the task. You will learn concepts, principles, and best practices driven architectural blueprints needed to manage & secure a modern cloud-enabled business.

The Program

The program comprises of three independent certificates of completion:

Certificate on Cloud Technologies

Assess the technologies used in the cloud computing. Get hands on training using the latest tools (command line, browser based & IDE based). The class will give you a solid foundation in managing cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace & HP OpenStack.

Certificate on Cloud/DevOps: Automating Cloud Infrastructure

Learn modern DevOps best practices using vagrant, chef (knife, cookbooks and recipes), docker as well as virtualization software. Manage entire data center like you manage code without touching the metal.

Certificate on Cloud Architecture/Design

Learn how to design and scale cloud infrastructure to align with business need. Learn to build fault tolerant systems, address application performance scaling and meeting structured & unstructured storage requirements. Complete case studies that assess business readiness for migration to the cloud while meeting continuity/disaster recovery requirements.

The Program Investment

For each certificate of completion, you need to invest 3 hours in class twice a week for 4 weeks (totaling 24 classroom hours). The course requires rigor and we expect that you will invest about the same amount of time on your own viewing video lectures on-demand, practicing learning materials, and working on group projects with classmates to make the most out of it.

Taking up the challenge of all three certificate courses opens the door to Cloud Genius certification. The total class time investment in that case would equals 72 hours total in class and about the same amount of time on your own over a period of 12 weeks.

The final step:

Cloud Genius Certification

Our certification program is just that … recognition for those who have demonstrated advanced ability.

We wanted to be sure that our certification was meaningful, and not just a “piece of paper” that anyone can buy.

To ensure that everyone holding the certification is a well-qualified professional, at the end of the course you’ll be eligible to apply for Cloud Genius Certification. You’ll submit a live and functional cloud project of your choice (we’ll let you know exactly how to do that) and our team will personally evaluate every application.

You’ll need to demonstrate your ability to create at a professional level to win your certification. That’s a huge plus for you — it means the market will never be glutted with Certified Cloud Geniuses.

Think of it like a college course: anyone can sign up for the course, but you’ll need to put the work in if you want to get credit for it.

Once you’re approved, you’ll have a badge you can put on your website, as well as a Cloud Genius Certification you can show clients.

Because of the time it takes to individually review every evaluation, applications will be processed first-come, first-served. The sooner you get started, the earlier you’ll be in the evaluation queue.

We will only be processing 25 certification applications. To make sure you are in that initial group, don’t delay in getting signed up!

Those who enroll after the initial 25 applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Every applicant will be reviewed — but if you want to start benefiting from certification as quickly as possible, you’ll need to get signed up early.

An opportunity for the top tier

We’d like to challenge you to raise the stakes and bring your best game to this process.

To spur that on, the very best among you — evaluated on talent, professionalism, and high-level strategic thinking — will be featured on a new “Recommended Cloud Genius” page.

Inclusion on this page will be necessarily subjective, but it boils down to a simple but powerful “X Factor” — would we personally recommend you to a friend looking for help?

If the answer is yes, we’ll feature you as one of our recommended Cloud Genius, along with a quick bio and your content specialty. This page will become a powerhouse directory of the “best of the best,” and a nearly effortless way for you to find the best opportunities.

All Certified Cloud Genius will be eligible for the top tier program, and there will be no additional charge. It’s just our way of recognizing the best and helping you to get the word out.

Of course we have some bonuses …

Making the right connections is key to career growth and your membership helps you opens up a host of opportunities for you so you can connect with our hiring partner companies and showcase what you offer.

And we reserve the right to get you some additional materials and member exclusive webinars focused on cloud computing. :) We’re planning on offering this course for a long time — and as long as you keep your certification current, you’ll have access to all of the course improvements and enhancements that we throw in later on.

How long do you have access to your certification?

Once you’ve joined the course and received your certification, you’ll remain certified as long as you’re a member in good standing of the community.

(Because Cloud Genius Certification, after all, is your ongoing professional education. It’s what will keep you focused and aware of emerging trends or shifts in the marketplace.)

Signup to learn more.

Our Partner Institutions

NIU Cloud Genius
cloud genius at niu.edu

NIU.edu has partnered with us to offer our curriculum in their campus locations in Chicago areas.


cloud genius at lwtech.edu
LWTech.edu has partnered with us to offer our curriculum in their campus locations in Kirkland.

LWTech.edu Cloud Genius

Cloud Genius Class Visit

Experiencing a class is the best way to explore the program. Class visits are available during the current class sessions. Following is a list of upcoming class dates and topics:

  • Monday, 4pm March 2: Anatomy of a Chef run – LWTech Kirkland Campus
  • Wednesday, 4pm March 4: Create your custom cookbook; run it against Amazon AWS ec2 – LWTech Kirkland Campus

If you are interested in visiting class as a guest on one of these dates please contact us.

We will get in touch with you regarding logistics information and preparatory materials for the session of your choice. We have a limited number of seats available for guests each week so we ask that you choose two dates that work for your schedule.

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