Specialize in Cloud DevOps in 12 weeks

Our highly sought after program curriculum is crafted by people with real hands-on industry expertise. You will use leading Open Source projects and put the best of breed commercial technologies to use on real projects while our instructors focus on helping you kick your career into cloud computing.

Learn From Industry Experts

Join our cohort and learn hands-on with a curriculum designed and taught by industry’s best of the best.

Build Your Portfolio

Apply your skills on real life projects and build your working portfolio not just your resume.

Realize Your Dream

Our partner companies are looking to hire and the demand curve is steep.

Demand for Cloud DevOps is steep!

Adopting the principles of DevOps is easier for startups but not so for the large established corporations. We have helped not only several startups but also teams at large established corporations, such as Microsoft and Boeing, in reshaping their internal culture and driving organizational change while adopting Cloud DevOps.

See what our recent grads say.

  • Jeff Collins (US Military Intelligence Officer) describes his experience with Cloud Genius
    Jeff Collins (US Military Intelligence Officer) describes his experience with Cloud Genius
  • Shahul Hameed (Director at Expedia) discusses how Cloud Genius helped him transform his career.
    Shahul Hameed (Director at Expedia) discusses how Cloud Genius helped him transform his career.
  • Murugan Subbiah landed a Microsoft cloud gig.
    Murugan Subbiah landed a Microsoft cloud gig.
  • Michael Zuckermann is now a Senior Technical Recruiter at Robert Half Technologies
    Michael Zuckermann is now a Senior Technical Recruiter at Robert Half Technologies

How you benefit?

You write beautiful software but do you know what it takes to deliver your software as a service to your audience?
Do you recall the recent layoffs from Microsoft and other major corporations? The Test role is being folded into a multi-disciplinary skill set where you are expected to scope/test/develop/document/deploy/service the customers end to end. Do you have what it takes?
You design well but do you know what it takes to realize/deliver your blueprint as a fully functional resilient cloud based service?
Cloud is the new system. Best admins are those that never get paged because their system “just works.” Can you get the cloud to deliver for your customers?
You understand the customer and can write specs but the industry has changed. Spec writing has given way to rapid prototyping & reiterating on the cloud with the customer. Can you demonstrate how to do that?
You rule the operations world and zap fire every night. Wouldn’t it be nice if the fire extinguishes by itself? Do you know how to enable your cloud to heal itself? That way you can focus on the big picture instead?
Databases (relational/nosql/transactional/analytical/warehouse/bigdata etc.) are now delivered as a service. Can you handle all that in symphony with your team?
Have you ever seen cases where product documentation has fallen behind a version (or two) and the product dev team is ahead a version (or two) from what is actually production deployed for customers? Do you know what it takes to synchronize test/spec/dev/doc/stage/prod across your organization so the customers keep coming back?
Do you know how to spot the right DevOps candidate from the heaps of resumes and LinkedIn profiles piling in front of you? Do know how to distill the skills you want to hire for your team? Equip yourself better by learning the ropes with hands-on experience.
You have been learning and practicing modern DevOps paradigm. Want to study cases and learn the best practices out there in the industry?
You are a self-driven, high-potential individual with an intense desire to learn and succeed. You want to apply industry best practices in Information Technology to solve business problems. You know how to work well with others in a team setting.

Our program is a great fit for working professionals who want to learn DevOps skill set needed to help businesses make the most of the cloud.

  • You will get away from managing individual servers (which is like managing a puppy) …instead want to treat the entire IT/cloud infrastructure as a system (< which is like managing cattle) that solves business problems.
  • You will learn how to manage cloud infrastructure as code. Automating cloud infrastructure will free you up to thinking on how to further use the cloud to solve problems facing your client/customer’s business.
  • You want to be mentored and instructed by veteran industry practitioners.
  • You want to meet great like-minded individuals and form life-long friendships.
  • You will take advantage of the tools, resources, network, and knowledge we offer to work in your favor.
  • You have done a lot of self-educating and are ready for a rigorous course to enhance your career as a Cloud DevOps professional.
Yes, we do accept international students. However, we are unable to sponsor you for any type of US Visa (no F1, no J1, no H1). You won’t need a Visa if you are joining the rest of the cohort via the Internet using a webcam.

Where are the Cloud Jobs?

Companies of all sizes across almost all industries look for cloud professionals. Expect to be a Cloud Genius ready to begin (or enhance) your dream career.

Next cohort?

Next cohort starts Jan 21 2015.
Cohort meets Mon and Wed 4-7pm Pacific time
Tech: Jan 21,26,28 Feb 2,4,9,11,18
DevOps: Feb 23,25, Mar 2,4,9,11,16,18
Arch: Mar 30, Apr 1,6,8,13,15,20,22
No class on Feb 16 (President’s day), Mar 23, Mar 25 Spring Break in the US.

Join us on-campus

We meet in room E218 at Lake Washington Kirkland Campus located at 11605 132nd Avenue NE Kirkland, WA 98034 https://goo.gl/maps/BdbTZ

Join us on-line

You can join the rest of us via the Internet – we use live Google Hangout sessions. Use a microphone headset if joining on-line. You will need to interact and participate.

How much does it cost?

US $4000.

Financial Assistance

Your employer probably pays the Tuition.

We know Microsoft, Boeing, and Expedia already do.

Unemployed/Laid off?

Your local Work Source/State Employment Security department may assist you with Tuition. Contact us for specific details.

US Veteran near JBLM?

Next cohort is scheduled for Spring 2015. Make sure to register for Camo2Commerce at Stone Ed/Hawk Transition Center.

US Veteran from other military bases?

The US DOL Camo2Commerce and the ACAP/Transition Center at your base may provide financial assistance. Contact us for specific details.

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Join us on-campus/on-line M/W 4-7pm Pacific starting Jan 21, 2015

Register now – next cohort starts Jan 21, 2015