What got us rated among the top 10 programs?

Vendor neutrality, open source focus, best of breed solutions, practical hands on class experiences, zero powerpoint, no lecturing, sheer collaboration and productivity are just some of the factors that you see but the real kicker is immensely positive feedback from our graduates really makes us tick.

Find out more. Join us Mon, Apr 20, 8:00 AM San Francisco time

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Next class is exclusively on Google Hangout - starts Apr 24

24 x 3 hr online sessions MWF 6-9p PST Seattle time

The dates are:

Tech: Apr 24,27,29, May 1,4,6,8,11
DevOps: May 13,15,18,20,22,25,27,29
Arch: Jun 1,3,5,8,10,12,15,17

Specialize in Cloud DevOps

CIO mag rated us among the top 10

Success of our graduates in building their cloud career is the reason why CIO mag rated us among the best.

Thank you CIO.com

Our highly sought after program curriculum is crafted by people with real hands-on industry expertise. You will use leading Open Source projects and put the best of breed commercial technologies to use on real projects while our instructors focus on helping you kick your career into cloud computing.

Learn From Industry Experts

Join our cohort and learn hands-on with a curriculum designed and taught by industry’s best of the best.

Build Your Portfolio

Apply your skills on real life projects and build your working portfolio not just your resume.

Realize Your Dream

Our partner companies are looking to hire and the demand curve is steep.

Demand for Cloud DevOps is steep!

Adopting the principles of DevOps is easier for startups but not so for the large established corporations. We have helped not only several startups but also teams at large established corporations, such as Microsoft and Boeing, in reshaping their internal culture and driving organizational change while adopting Cloud DevOps.

What do people say about Cloud Genius

We go above and beyond expectations to ensure success for our graduates.


  • Meet Cloud Genius Graduate: Jeff Collins US Military Intelligence Officer
  • Meet Cloud Genius grad: Shahul Hameed, Director of Technology at Expedia
  • Meet Cloud Genius grad: Murugan Subbiah, landed a Microsoft cloud gig.
  • Meet Cloud Genius grad: Michael Zuckermann, Technical Recruiter at Robert Half Technologies
Nilesh went above and beyond course expectation in several areas by being available for one on one discussions and taught many non cloud topics students were interested with. Although Nilesh is a technology genius, he is very humble and thoughtful.
Shahul Hameed | Director of IT, Expedia


Cloud Genius has the best instructors I have had the privilege of working with so far.
Brandon Wigington | Training Coordinating Officer for US Military

nicu parente
All of the teaching are “Real World Cases” which is huge.
Nicu Parente | US Army Infantry

Cloud Genius internal library (OPENedX) is a gold mine.
Toma Frost | US Army

arjun barjacharya
Class discussions are video recorded and made available offline for self review. That is really great since some of us can’t make a few of the sessions.
Arjun Bajracharya | US Army

ahren swett

Instructors are helpful and very considerate when we say we don’t get it. Really important!
Ahren Swett | US Army

For Aspiring Cloud Computing Professionals

A Powerful New Way to Stand Out and Accelerate Your Career.

Because businesses need you.

  • They need experts who remain vendor neutral without getting tainted by vendor generated FUD and tease out the best possible solution to build out their cloud infrastructure within budget constraints.
  • They need DevOps staff members who know how to migrate existing applications over to the cloud and automate cloud operations while minimizing business downtime.
  • And they need people who can architect a robust cloud blueprint for the business.

So are you the rock star of your niche where head hunters are after you? Do you have a full roster of awesome clients who are paying you top dollar? If you’re not there yet (or even if you are), you need to think carefully about how employers (or your clients) see you.

There is a reason we call it cloud genius

Why did we call it that? Because we’re inviting you to step up and be a Cloud Genius. It’s a plain fact. You know more than most other cloud professionals. You have a more advanced approach. You’ve invested in your own professional development. You “get” where cloud computing is headed — now and in the future. As a smart, tech-savvy person, you should be acknowledged as the Cloud Genius.

Now we need to ensure employers/clients see you that way, too..

Next online class starts Apr 24

24 x 3 hr online sessions MWF 6-9p PST Seattle time

The dates are:

Tech: Apr 24,27,29, May 1,4,6,8,11
DevOps: May 13,15,18,20,22,25,27,29
Arch: Jun 1,3,5,8,10,12,15,17

Our Partner Institutions

NIU Cloud Genius
cloud genius at niu.edu

NIU.edu has partnered with us to offer our curriculum in their campus locations in Chicago areas.


cloud genius at lwtech.edu
LWTech.edu has partnered with us to offer our curriculum in their campus locations in Kirkland.

LWTech.edu Cloud Genius

Cloud Genius Class Visit

Experiencing a class is the best way to explore the program. Class visits are available during the current class sessions. Following is a list of upcoming class dates and topics:

  • 4pm April 13: Cloud Architecture – LWTech Kirkland Campus
  • 4pm April 15: Cloud Architecture – LWTech Kirkland Campus

If you are interested in visiting class as a guest on one of these dates please contact us.

We will get in touch with you regarding logistics information and preparatory materials for the session of your choice. We have a limited number of seats available for guests each week so we ask that you choose two dates that work for your schedule.

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