The Cloud Bootcamp is an intensive, 8-week instructor led online workshop designed by Nilesh Londhe for high-performing individuals who want to level up, lead and transform businesses.


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Dates to note:

  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2014 May 19 – Aug 11
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2014 Sep 15 – Dec 1
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2015 Jan 21 – Apr 22
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2015 Mar 31 – May 23
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2015 Apr 24 – Jun 17
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2015 Jun 19 – Aug 14
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2015 Sep 28 – Nov 24
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2016 Jan 19 – Mar 21
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2016 Jun 1 – Jul 29
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2016 Sep 13 – Nov 5
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2017 Jan 17 – Mar 11
  • Cloud Bootcamp: 2017 Apr 17 – Jun 12

Be a CloudGenius

You've heard Marc Andreessen say "Software Is Eating The World." Specifically, it is the ecosystem of Open Source software that is chewing it up, swallowing it and digesting it all. Open source has the force of community behind it and that is hard to beat. Even traditional proprietary software companies (yes, I used to work at Microsoft) are embracing openness and open sourcing their crown jewels. Microsoft has recently joined the Linux Foundation. It is a pragmatic business decision for them.

Our team at Cloud Genius has always focused on vendor neutrality, open source, and practical hands on learning experiences that has resulted in us getting rated among the top 10 programs by the CIO magazine!

Cloud Genius is the smartest route for a career in the cloud. You have arrived at the right place. Go ahead... explore, participate, collaborate... and build your future.

We've got your back.


Cloud Bootcamp

Cloud Genius Cloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies

You will practice and gain hands-on experience with best of breed open source tools that you will use with a variety of cloud services providers in the industry: both big name players as well as speciality/niche players. With a clear understanding of cloud services models, deployment models and the pros/cons involved, you will arm yourself with a comprehensive knowledge on specific sets of technologies, tools, and services that may be best suited to solve a given of business problems.


  • Open source
  • Best of breed
  • Vendor neutrality

Cloud DevOps

You will go deeper, use industry leading open source tools, and orchestrate continuous integration with end to end continuous deployment of modern applications and services with one (or more) public (or private) cloud providers of your choice. Vendor neutrality gives you a competitive advantage over others stuck with a vendor.



Cloud Genius Cloud DevOps
Cloud Genius Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

You will participate in real life cases of companies that have adopted the cloud as well as those that are migrating to the cloud. You will identify a specific business situation for your employer or your future employer or your client/customer as the case may be. Then you will use the breadth learning from Cloud Technologies and depth learning from Cloud DevOps to focus on your customers’ business, identify specific needs and understand how to design a comprehensive architectural blueprintto address the business problem at hand.


  • Customer Focus
  • Real life case studies
  • Comprehensive Cloud Blueprint

Cloud Genius was a eyeopener for me to know how much is out there. The program covers various technologies used in cloud world and gave in depth practical use of it. The instructors had in depth experience in various technologies used in cloud and walked us from design thru having the product in function. There are lots of hands on example to give real sense of how it works. Program goes into concepts and gives the theoretical details of design and make use of open source, then jumps into practical and builds the product to show the application. Cloud Genius gives exposure to variety of platforms, options available in market, different tools and technologies, open source products to use which gives us extensive understanding of different topics. There are lots of topic that has been covered in detail with hands on example. Great program.

Mukesh ShahiTechnical Architect, Product Development LeadBoeingBellevue, WA

I completed the course and was very impressed with the amount of information, variety of platforms covered and the level of detail provided. I had very little Cloud and Linux experience and the instructor was sensitive to that fact, ensuring we understood concepts prior to moving to the next topic area and provided recordings for additional review. Cloud Genius provided detail and depth across a variety of Cloud providers, platforms, tools and solution offerings, which ensured extensive knowledge across required topic areas.

Mark MyersSr. DirectorMicrosoftRedmond, WA

This is how you participate

how we run cloud genius

We use Zoom for HD video conferencing
Slack for 1x1 and team chat

and a number of open source products to create connections that enable your success.

We record every live session & share the videos with you.

Marine turns top notch DevOps Engineer

Alexander Ramos joined the US Marine Corps after high school where he served as an AV8B Avionics CDQAR for 5+ years. In 2014, Alex picked up his BS degree in EECS from UC Berkeley and started a new career as an HPC engineer after graduation. Alex recently participated in our Cloud Bootcamp and leveled up his career into a dream position as a top notch DevOps Engineer with AppDynamics. He made a promise to himself that he’d have a DevOps engineering role in the high tech silicon valley area within 6 months of finishing the course, and that’s exactly what he accomplished!

Alex shares his job search experience and what you need to do to make the most out of Cloud Genius.

Alex Ramos Marine turns DevOps Engineer

Alexander Ramos
DevOps Engineer, AppDynamics

Alex shares the keys to his success:

Focus on skills the industry needs

Focus your time and energy in acquiring precisely those skills that employers are looking for.

Knock ’em dead

Hands on practice with projects gives you the confidence you need and the evidence to back up your claims.

Realize your dream career

Nothing can stop you if you have that intense desire to succeed and the willingness to put in the effort needed to make things happen.


Toma Frost
Ted Miroulis
Heather Wilson
Nicu Parente
Mark Ullberg

This was all new to me. I needed to get a complete understanding of Cloud technology in a very short time. Cloud Genius is exactly what I needed. The live lectures are recorded so you can go over in detail the material until you feel comfortable. The instructor is available to help you as needed just about everyday. I now have a great understanding of Cloud and the technologies that are associated with it. This made for an excellent transition for me into cloud design and integration.
Brad SchaefbauerService Manager, Cloud ServicesBoeingBellevue, WA
Cloud Genius has the best instructors I have had the privilege of working with ever.
Brandon WigingtonUS Military Training OfficerUS MilitaryJoint Base Lewis McChord
From simple to complex cloud implementations, this course offers the variety of awareness and understanding. The course provided an understanding of how to deploy virtualized environment on personal computing resources or cloud hosting services. The course also covered automated deployment schemes to implement software development environments in a way hobbyists and professionals can understand. The course had me engaged through videos and realtime interactions. Even though you may not be a developer, the course provides insight and curiosity for fully taking advantages of cloud technologies.
Alejandro VelozCloud ArchitectBoeingCharleston, NC
Cloud Genius is the best technical certification program I have ever been a part of. Nilesh Londhe’s decades of experience shines in a curriculum benefiting aspiring new as well as already experienced cloud technologists. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to acquire the knowledge and proper tools to burst into the cloud!
Alexander R Ramos, B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley Now DevOps Engineer at AppDynamics - was System Design and Integration SpecialistBoeingBellevue, WA
Empowering…that is how I would describe this course. The material is presented in a logical and easy to digest format that anyone can pick up and follow. If you are interested in this area of work and want to start gaining immediate experience, do yourself a favor and take this course. I highly recommend you to That is what you will become if you do!
Michael CurrySenior ConsultantLaunch ConsultingBellevue, WA
The Cloud Genius courses are very informative. Many quality examples are provided. Hands-on usage with detailed documentation and recorded sessions are wonderful aids in the learning process. Would recomment to anyone interested in better understanding the Cloud.
Mark A UllbergCloud Services Support ManagerBoeingEverett, WA
Thanks to Cloud Genius programs, I landed a gig working on the Microsoft cloud.
Murugan SubbiahSystems engineer, Cloud technologiesnfolksBellevue, WA
Instructors are helpful and very considerate when we say we don’t get it. Really important!
Ahren SwettTransitioning Service MemberUS ArmyJBLM
Cloud Genius online library is a gold mine.
Toma FrostStaff SergeantUS ArmyJBLM
All of the teaching are “Real World Cases” which is huge.
Nicu ParenteSoftware EngineerExpediaBellevue, WA

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