You’ve heard Marc Andreessen say “Software Is Eating The World.” Specifically, it is the ecosystem of Open Source software that is chewing it up, swallowing it and digesting it all. Open source has the force of community behind it and that is hard to beat. Even traditional proprietary software companies like Microsoft ...yes, I spent some time over there... are embracing openness and open sourcing their crown jewels. Instead of fighting against the force of open source, Microsoft ended up joining the Linux Foundation. It has been a pragmatic business decision for them.

Our team at Cloud Genius has always focused on vendor neutrality, open source, and practical hands on learning experiences that has resulted in us getting recognized among the most valuable certifications by the CIO magazine!

Cloud Genius is the smartest route for advancing your career. You have arrived at the right place. Go ahead… explore, participate, collaborate… and build your future.

We’ve got your back.

- Nilesh Londhe, Founder

Build your future

Founded in 2011, Cloud Genius is a WA state licensed instition of higher end technical education. Aiming to help you succeed in your career endeavors, we take pride in our stimulating and hands-on courses, supportive class environment, and business resources. We offer live interactive bootcamps where you participate via videoconference. We operate primarily on the internet out of our offices based in the beautiful pacific northwest. We're happy to chat with anyone interested in joining our team. Just send us a link to your GitHub profile and ping us on our Slack channel.

 Cloud Genius is a highly rated advanced technical education provider licensed by the State of Washington, USA.