You’ve heard Marc Andreessen say “Software Is Eating The World.” Specifically, it is the ecosystem of Open Source software that is chewing it up, swallowing it and digesting it all. Open source has the force of community behind it and that is hard to beat. Even traditional proprietary software companies (yes, I used to work at Microsoft) are embracing openness and open sourcing their crown jewels. Microsoft has recently joined the Linux Foundation. It is a pragmatic business decision for them.

Our team at Cloud Genius has always focused on vendor neutrality, open source, and practical hands on learning experiences that has resulted in us getting recognized among the most valuable Cloud Computing certifications by the CIO magazine!

Cloud Genius is the smartest route for a career in the cloud. You have arrived at the right place. Go ahead… explore, participate, collaborate… and build your future.

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Founder, Cloud Genius

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Vendor neutrality, open source focus, best of breed solutions, practical hands on class experiences, zero powerpoint, no lecturing, sheer collaboration and productivity are just some of the factors that you see but the real kicker is the immensely positive feedback from our graduates that really makes us tick.

Founded in 2011, Cloud Genius is a licensed cloud computing training institution created by industry experts. Aiming to help you succeed in your career endeavors, we take pride in our stimulating and hands-on courses, supportive class environment, and business resources. With locations in Kirkland WA, Chicago IL, Newark, NJ, and now live interactive courses where you can participate via video conference are easily accessible and designed with your lifestyle in mind.

We offer Industry standard Cloud Genius certification upon completion of Cloud Technologies, DevOps, and Architecture/Design courses that are reputable to businesses; demonstrating your skills and experience in cloud technologies. We strive to help you realize your dream, and are here to teach you all of the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to help you become a Cloud Genius and achieve your career goals.


Our Team

Nilesh Londhe

Nilesh Londhe

Founder and Faculty

Nilesh Londhe is the founder of Cloud Genius, one of the most valuable cloud certifications according to the CIO Magazine.

During his leadership tenure at Microsoft, he played a key role driving platform adoption, and with support from Bill Gates, he patented a presence detection solution that is implemented across the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products and services.

An IAS topper (Third in India 1991), Nilesh holds a Masters in Distributed Computing and Automation from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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Raimund Ege

NIU Faculty

Jayesh Sir

Investor and Advisor

Rajesh Jain

VP, Aussie and NZ

Our History


We've built Cloud Genius on the shoulders of open source giants.


Our Students

Our students are tech savvy and hungry for skills using open source tools and technologies in the cloud that makes them highly productive on the job.


Focus on your success

Tremendous success of our graduates has resulted in CIO magazine recognizing us among the most valuable cloud certifications.


Updated curriculum with cutting edge tech

We have extensively updated our curriculum to keep pace with what's latest in the cloud.