Here is how our videoconference runs.

The Cloud Bootcamp

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Second Edition

Updated with Docker, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Traefik, Cloud Native Apps on Immutable infrastructure

The Cloud Bootcamp

Synchronous access to instructors & peers via video conference and live chat.

Mon 4-7pm pacific/7-10pm eastern
and Wed 4-7pm pacific/7-10pm eastern
and Fri 4-7pm pacific/7-10pm eastern

via interactive zoom video conference.

No need to drive to a physical classroom.

You can rewind/repeat session recording soon after the live session ends so no worries if you miss a session.
Instructor is available for help when you work in-between (before/after) our scheduled video conference sessions.



Eight 3-hour video-conferences



Eight 3-hour video-conferences



Eight 3-hour video-conferences

  • Your commitment

    • Nine hours of video-conference session every week. Use a headset, talk & share screen, work hands-on to solve problems.
    • Expect to spend about the same amount of time on your own doing labs and guided self-study using the Cloud Genius workstation.
    • Total of twenty four days of 3-hour video-conference sessions over 8 weeks.

  • You can access video recording of every session even if you miss a live session

    • So you can rewind/repeat until you nail the concept. Or review if you miss a live session.

  • Instructor dedicated to your success

    • You can chat with instructor any time and meet 1×1 via video or share screen if needed.
    • We believe you really want to learn so we treat you like professionals not college kids.

We require hands-on work. We operate in a blended learning environment where you will work in the sessions synchronously with the experts in scheduled sessions while doing additional real world exercises on your own using materials available here and collaborate asynchronously via Slack chat and video conferencing sessions as needed.

Special Instructions for Boeing employees

These instructions below are specific to people from Boeing.

Boeing LTP Program

Create one LTP voucher for all three certificates
It reduces unnecessary paperwork for you.

  1. First application for an LTP voucher will not need to include a Student ID Number. One will be assigned to you with your first registration with Bellevue College.
  2. Apply for your Voucher with Boeing LTP: Find school, “Bellevue College”
  3. Use the “certificate” program (certificates have a higher budget limit than courses)
  4. Computer science course can be taken even if you are at the annual limit.
  5. Enter in “Computer Science”
  6. Add all three certificate courses that constitute our Cloud Bootcamp.
  7. Generate one PDF voucher for all three certificates.
  8. Email PDF vouchers
    Please include:
    • Contact information
    • Address
    • Telephone
    • An alternate personal email (not
    • Date of birth
    • Attached PDF voucher.
  9. For questions regarding registration with Bellevue College please call: 425-564-2263 option 3 or call Heather Burrill directly at: 425-564-3175
  10. For any question what so ever, please slack chat or SMS, TXT, WhatsApp, or Call: +1-425-223-3474

Cloud Technologies
Boeing LTP

Institution: Bellevue College
Course number: from Bellevue College
Name of course: Cloud Technologies
Credits/CEU: 3
Certificate program with no grades.

Cloud DevOps
Boeing LTP

Institution: Bellevue College
Course number: from Bellevue College
Name of course: Cloud DevOps
Credits/CEU: 3
Certificate program with no grades.

Cloud Architecture
Boeing LTP

Institution: Bellevue College
Course number: from Bellevue College
Name of course: Cloud Architecture
Credits/CEU: 3
Certificate program with no grades.

Download certificates → Submit to LTP