Introduction to Cloud Computing

Why do businesses care about Cloud Computing?

Businesses care about the cloud because it offers:

  • Reduced IT costs. Moving to cloud computing may reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems
  • Scalability
  • Business continuity
  • Collaboration efficiency
  • Flexibility of work practices
  • Access to automatic updates and more...

There are very specific reasons.

  • One of them is that they want to stick to their core competence - their core area of business. Say, for example, they are in the retail business, then they do not necessarily want to get into the business of managing data centers.
  • Another reason is that businesses want to save money - just like everybody else. They want to make a profit.
  • and one more reason is that they want to avoid spending large amount of money upfront, instead use the cloud and pay as they go using it.


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