Getting Started

Proliferation of data, affordable cloud computing, advancements in computational algorithms, and victory of open source are some of the key factors driving us towards a better world!

Marc Andreessen once wrote: "Software is eating the world." In reality, its the force of communities behind "open source is chewing it all up and digesting it."

The focus in the modern workplace has shifted: from doing grunt work manually to automating all that is necessary and possible.

This shift in focus needs a new skill-set but the learning curve is pretty steep. So you try googling to learn new tricks but quickly get lost in the results ... way too many things to read and far too many things to do. Its just one rabbit hole after another.

You need a structured approach to skill building that provides relevant hands-on experience and offers ready access to experts to guide your journey.

Our program precisely aims to give you just that. It's the fastest route to your dream career.

The program is hands-on, time consuming and expensive. We expect a few things from you:

  1. You have access to the Internet and have a computer running Windows 10, Macintosh, or Linux.

  2. You want to learn new technologies and have time to invest into learning relevant stuff.

  3. You are not afraid of the command prompt in Windows or terminal in Macintosh/Linux.

  4. You meet the academic requirement: High School Diploma (or GED) in your country: I suspect we can take that for granted :)

Not everyone can handle the intense, time consuming, and collaborative hands-on project work expected of participants in the seminar.

Why do employers care?

Cloud Computing provides cutting-edge tools and techniques that businesses want to use to create value for their customers and profitability for their business. Keeping pace with the rate of innovation in the industry can be mind-boggling and that has led to an acute shortage of highly skilled professionals.

Why would you care?

While employment is not guaranteed in a free market, a strong set of cloud skills can provide a virtual guarantee of employability for you and a sense of financial security for your family.

How does it work?


  • 100+ hands-on video walkthrough with a lesson every Mon, Wed, & Fri over 8 weeks.


  • Solutions by working on hands-on projects and answer questions designed to shape your thinking


  • Share responses and questions in the 24/7 discussions
  • Coaches available to support your progress
  • Weekly video conference with Nilesh and team

Begin your exploration

There are several preparatory steps you can take even before the seminar begins. That would involve preparing your computer, set up accounts using discounts available from a variety of cloud providers and also brush up a bit on using the command line.

Are you ready for this? Let's login. Here is how.

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