Native Apps vs Web Apps

Native Apps vs Web Apps

Some interesting web apps:

Try these on a browser using a mobile device (such as an iPhone or an Android phone) and notice the difference between what you see on mobile devices versus what you see in a desktop browser.

You need a mobile device if you want to perceive the designed experience, however, if you do not have access to a mobile phone, you may want to try these links in a makeshift device emulator such as the mobile phone emulator. You will notice that some these sites still do not work in the emulator the way they are supposed to on a real mobile device.

Further reading:

Some native apps you probably already use

  • Facebook app on your phone
  • Gmail app on your Android phone
  • Pages app on your iPhone

Things to ponder...

  • Which usage scenarios are best served by web apps and which usage scenarios are better suited for native apps?
  • From a business standpoint, when would it be most appropriate to develop a web app and not a native app?


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