The Cloud Seminar

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The Cloud Seminar

Asynchronous access to content, instructors, & peers via web site and discussion forum.

Put the cloud to work for your employers and your customers

This 8-week seminar will teach you, inspire you and connect you to peers who will help you bring your work to a larger and more receptive audience. Most of all, you’ll discover modern open source technologies that would make your work enjoyable as you deliver results to your employers and your customers more effectively. In as little as 60 minutes a day, you can learn to make a bigger impact.

With interactive videos, real life cases, personalized exercises, and discussion, the Seminar takes 56–120 hours to complete. Of course, you will get more out of the Seminar, the more focussed effort you put into it.

Try it free for 7 days

We have a risk-free no questions 100% money-back guarantee for the first 7 days. Please note: We will charge your credit card at the end of 7 days after which we can not provide a refund. We can not provide a partial/pro-rated refund. We can not refund if you write us an email asking us to cancel for a refund after the 7 day trial period is over.

The Cloud Seminar includes:

  • More than 50 videos, including cases, hands-on exercises and Q&A
  • 200+ questions to guide and challenge your thinking about your current work
  • Exclusive supplemental materials for download
  • 24/7 discussion board for personal feedback
  • Peer network for discussion and team learning
  • 6 months of online seminar access
  • Access on mobile and desktop
  • An 8 week intense seminar with 24 lessons dripped to you one at a time every Mon/Wed/Fri from the start of the seminar