App Microservices Containerization & Kubernetes CICD Workshop
Three-day advanced cloud native workshop for building microservices

Fee: US $13140.00

You run your apps on machines but your company is rolling out Kubernetes. You need to adopt the right way to craft microservices, containerize large scale corporate applications so you can deploy/scale them in Kubernetes using CICD hassle-free while meeting corporate compliance.

We will assume that you have setup the Cloud Genius Workstation

We record everything we do. After the workshop, you will gain extended online access to complete video recordings, git repos, exercises/projects and notes from the workshop

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Let's begin


Nine hours starting 05:00 PM your time zone


Nine hours starting 05:00 PM your time zone

deploy to k8s

Nine hours starting 05:00 PM your time zone

automate and enjoy vacation

Containerize this

  • Concept brief:
    • virtualization vs containerization
    • monolithic apps vs cloud native micro-services
    • Kubernetes architecture
  • We will use a variety of open source apps written in several popular languages: java, python, ruby, go, node aka javascript, dotnet, erlang, php, rust, swift
  • You will be able to learn the patterns and concepts from the workshop and apply those to your internal corporate apps, carefully containerize the monolithic ones into cloud-native micro-services without sharing any info with anyone outside your company
  • Manage app secrets and runtime environment variables for your apps in Kubernetes
  • Persist app files, data, and databases in Kubernetes or use managed storage and database services in your enterprise

Deploy & scale that

  • Concept brief:
    • Helm, Draft, Gitkube, Metaparticle, Skaffold
    • How to break the YAML wall & speak YAML with Kubernetes
  • Identify apps and micro-services that are closely related and orchestrate that relationship composition as a meaningful collection running in containers
  • Package your app images in YAML files for Kubernetes
  • Expose your apps to your users via your chosen domain/url using enterprise grade ingress
  • Secure your apps with a proper TLS certificate auto-generated and managed as a Kubernetes secret

Automate end-to-end

  • Concept brief:
    • CICD: travis, circleci, jenkins, gitlab, aws, codeship, azure, google, ibm, atlassian et al
  • Iteratively build a CICD pipeline to accomplish the precise outcome you want
  • Integrate your enterprise apps in your continuous integration, continuous delivery CICD pipeline
  • Automate the monitoring your apps' performance in Kubernetes using Prometheus and Grafana

Time for a vacation

🧳💼👜✈️ Hawaiʻi 🤙

For this hands-on workshop, you need:
  • Three days at a quiet place with good internet connection
  • A modern 64bit computer with 8GB RAM or more running Windows or macOS or Linux. Machines with 4GB RAM might also work but it will make things painfully slow. Don't waste your time dealing with hardware constraints. Also, avoid using computers issued by your employer as these are typically locked down, highly likely to frustrate you and waste your time while everyone else is proceeding forward with hands-on exercises in the workshop
  • Cloud Genius Workstation installed on your personal computer
  • Contact us via the chat widget below well ahead of schedule if you need install/setup help. At the start, we will assume that you are all setup and ready
  • A domain name that you own and have control over its DNS zone. NameCheap and GoDaddy seem to offer names for dirt cheap You need just a domain name for a dollar and change for the first year. You can cancel after that. And, please do NOT buy any other domain related services
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We will assume that you have setup the Cloud Genius Workstation. Please contact us right away using if you need help with setting it up.

Getting Started


  • We will assume that you have already participated in the Cloud Bootcamp.

  • We will also assume that you have ready access to an instance of the Cloud Genius Workstation.

Please go back to the Cloud Bootcamp > Getting Started section and set yourself up for success if that is not the case.


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