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Vendor neutrality, open source focus, best of breed solutions, practical hands on experiences in interactive sessions, zero powerpoint, no lecturing, sheer collaboration and productivity are just some of the factors that you see, but the real kicker is the immensely positive feedback from our graduates that really makes us tick.

Yes. Our founder created the bootcamps, designed all the projects and personally teaches the bootcamp with help from his assistants who staff the Slack chat channel. nnYou get as much out of the bootcamp participation as you put into it.

The bootcamp is entirely virtual, so no travel is required. There may be optional opportunities to meet fellow Cloud Genius in your area, but that’s not included in the program.nnWe’ll enable access to the backend where you will find exercises and related content before the bootcamp begins.Those are included in the fee. Most of the exercises are non-optional, and we trust that you and your fellow students will keep each other on the hook for doing the work.nnWhenever possible, we’re going to direct students to online readings and videos, though there are books that are worth buying (or finding in the library) and you’re on the hook to acquire those.nnIn addition to the bootcamp itself, perhaps our biggest goal is to build a powerful alumni network. Fellow Cloud Genius, pushing each other to make a difference. After the course, support for/between/by our members goes on.nnThere are no hidden fees, add-ons, individual tariffs, tolls or other surprises…

Yes you can. Just call the number at the bottom of this site. You may also begin a real time chat session. Join the Cloud Genius community on Slack.

If needed, you can escalate that chat into a video conference/screen sharing session.

Our programs are available anywhere in the world. except certain areas embargoed by the US government. If you are outside of North American time zones, you may want to mentally prepare yourself to participate in our bootcamp in North American time schedule.

How do I finance my training?

The fee for every program is provided on the program description page.

Your employer may help pay some or all of the tuition. Just ask your HR person. We know Microsoft, Boeing (LTP), Hitachi Vantara, and Expedia already do.

WA State has many layoff assistance programs such as – Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), Dislocated Worker Program (WIA), college grants (Worker Retraining, Opportunity Grant). Programs for displaced aerospace workers under the Trade Act. nnContact us for details and we will introduce you to the right agencies who may assist you.

We do not charge any thing beyond the upfront fee for our programs.

However, there may be additional costs to you. You need to have access to a computer and broadband internet service so you can participate in our programs via video conference.

Most cloud providers typically provide some free quota for your use of their services. However, there may be additional costs from cloud services provider if you decide to spend beyond what their free usage limits they provide to you.

For example, Amazon AWS cloud provides 1 year of free usage but you should carefully check what is free/what is not free and use their services according to your contract with them.

Is Cloud Genius right for me?

As a Software Design Engineer, you write beautiful software but do you know what it takes to deliver your software as a service to your audience?nnThis program will help you learn what does it take to deliver your software as a service to a worldwide audience using massively scalable cloud infrastructure.n

Do you recall the recent layoffs from Microsoft, Boeing and other major corporations?nnA common theme in these layoffs has been that the Test role is folded into into a multi-disciplinary skill set where you are expected to scope/test/develop/document/deploy/service the customers end to end. You will learn how to orchestrate just that to your end users/customers.

You know how to design a blueprint to attack a given problem.nThrough this program, will you learn what it takes to realize/deliver your blueprint as a fully functional resilient cloud based service.

Cloud is the new system. Best admins are those that never get paged because their system “just works.”nYou will learn how to treat your cloud as a complete integrated system that delivers for your customers.

You understand the customer and can write specs but the industry has changed. Spec writing has given way to rapid prototyping & reiterating on the cloud with the customer.nYou will learn how to make your entire team agile and nimble so that you can meaningfully service your customers.

You rule the operations world and zap fire every night. Wouldn’t it be nice if the fire extinguishes by itself?nYou will learn how to enable your cloud infrastructure to heal itself. That way you can focus on the big picture instead.

Databases (relational/nosql/transactional/analytical/warehouse/bigdata etc.) are now delivered as a service.nYou will learn how you can handle all so you can help your team focus on delivering the best for your customers.

Have you ever seen cases where product documentation has fallen behind a version (or two) and the product dev team is ahead a version (or two) from what is actually production deployed for customers?nYou will learn modern best practices and know know what it takes to synchronize test/spec/dev/doc/stage/prod across your organization so the customers keep coming back.n

Do you know how to spot the right DevOps candidate from the heaps of resumes and LinkedIn profiles piling in front of you? Do know how to distill the skills you want to hire for your team?nYou will equip yourself better by learning the ropes with hands-on experience.n

You have been learning and practicing modern DevOps paradigm.nThrough this program, you will study industry cases and learn the best practices out there in the industry to sharpen your tool belt.

You do not have a Technical role yet but you are a driven, high-potential individual with an intense desire to learn and succeed. You want to apply industry best practices in Information Technology to solve business problems. You know how to work well with others in a team setting.nnOur program is a great fit for working professionals who want to learn Cloud Computing and DevOps skill set needed to help businesses make the most of the cloud.nnYou will get away from managing individual servers (which is like taking care of a sick puppy) …instead want to treat the entire IT/cloud infrastructure as a system (which is more like managing cattle) that solves business problems.nnYou will learn how to manage cloud infrastructure as code. Automating cloud infrastructure will free you up to thinking on how to further use the cloud to solve problems facing your client/customer’s business.nnYou want to be mentored and instructed by veteran industry practitioners.nnYou want to meet great like-minded individuals and form life-long friendships.nnYou will take advantage of the tools, resources, network, and knowledge we offer to work in your favor.nnYou have done a lot of self-educating and are ready for a rigorous course to enhance your career as a Cloud DevOps professional.n

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