For Aspiring Cloud Professionals

A Powerful New Way to Stand Out and Accelerate Your Career

Because businesses need you.

They need experts who remain vendor neutral without getting tainted by vendor generated FUD and tease out the best possible solution to build out their cloud infrastructure within budget constraints. They need DevOps staff members who know how to migrate existing applications over to the cloud and automate cloud operations while minimizing business downtime. And they need people who can architect a robust cloud blueprint for the business. So are you the rock star of your niche where head hunters from Fortune 500 businesses are after you or hot startups trying to lure you? Do you have a full roster of awesome clients who are paying you top dollar? If you’re not there yet (or even if you are), you need to think carefully about how employers (or your clients) see you.

There is a reason we call it

Cloud Genius

Why did we call it that? Because we’re inviting you to step up and be a Cloud Genius. It’s a plain fact. You know you are good with computers. You have a better approach than most you know. You’ve invested in your own professional development. You “get” where cloud computing is headed — now and in the future. As a smart, tech-savvy person, you should be acknowledged as the Cloud Genius.

Now we need to ensure employers/clients see you that way, too...

Our university/academic partners have literally been asking us to develop this for years now. They’ve wanted to offer you a clear meaningful way to rise above the crowd. But do you know who else has been asking us for it?

Your Potential Employers and Clients

Smart businesses of every kind, large and small, know that they need top-quality skill in order to serve their customers needs.


The Program Experience

Cloud Genius certification requires hands-on experiential learning that you will do by running the Cloud genius Workstation via your Windows or Mac computer. Before meeting as scheduled, you will review video lectures and learning materials available to you on-demand. Instead of traditional lectures, our instructors facilitate learning while you collaborate with others tackling real business projects, and identifying the best solutions for problems at hand.

Throughout this program, you will gain a solid foundation in Cloud Technologies, modern DevOps practices, Cloud Architecture and Design and other courses offered. Don’t worry- if you don’t already know programming we will teach you all you need to know. After completing the cloud bootcamp, you will receive certification.

Want even higher-level certification? Read on…

Cloud Genius Certification

After you have completed the individual certificate courses, you have now opened the door to the next level: Cloud Genius certification. This certification program is just that… recognition for those who have demonstrated advanced ability. Think of it like a college course: anyone can sign up, but you’ll need to put in the work if you want to receive the credit for it. You can receive this certification after submitting a live and functional cloud project of choice (we will let you know how to do that), and our team will collaborate to personally evaluate each application.

Cloud Genius certification will be granted upon your ability to successfully complete your chosen cloud project at a professional level.

Why be Certified as a Cloud Genius? To demonstrate higher order skills to your potential employers and business clients a level above the rest with a badge you can put on your website and linkedin profile and to potentially be featured on our Recommended Cloud Genius page.

Company Commander Yesim
* We will only be processing 25 certification applications. To avoid being placed on the waiting list and to make sure you are within that initial group, don’t delay in getting signed up!*

Captain Vanderziel

An opportunity for the top tier

We raised the stakes and have a challenge for you: all you need is to bring your best game to this process. The reward? To be featured on our Recommended Cloud Genius page. The benefits of being featured include personal endorsements from Cloud Genius, for employers to see your talents, and to increase your online presence using your newly accumulated skills. Based subjectively on talent, professionalism, and high level strategic thinking, we are looking for the “X Factor”- would we personally recommend you to a friend looking for help? If you are ready for the challenge and are ready to be featured as “the best of the best”, make sure you join our cloud bootcamp, complete it successfully, receive Cloud Genius certification previously mentioned, and then prepare for an expert performance evaluation of your project. There is no additional charge; all Certified Cloud Genius will be eligible for this top tier program. It’s just our way of recognizing the best and helping you to get the word out. So get started ASAP.