Cloud infrastructure related services

Access to Amazon cloud services is free for 1st year for new users. awsThis offer is available at Use your login if you have one already.
googGoogle Cloud account is available for free trial at
joyentJoyent cloud and Triton service accounts can be set up at
digital-oceanDigital Ocean offers $10 worth of usage when signing up with this referral link
Set up for Azure Cloud Trial with Microsoft using this link


Business productivity and collaboration software as a service

google-apps-for-work-logoSign up for google apps for your domain at
Scroll to the bottom of this link and look for links to free trial for office 365


Hosted Config Management Tools

Set up a free chef server account with using this link
Set up Ansible Semaphore using this link

Domain and SSL certificate providers

Domain names can typically be purchased for under $10 a year. In many cases, you may find a domain for $0.99 + tax for the first year with a discount coupon applied.

godaddy, namecheap, 1and1 seem to frequently run promotions for $0.99 domains These are certificates seem to be limited for use with AWS services.

For learning and practice, these is no real reason to buy SSL certificates.

However, Komodo seems to offer one of the low price certs and also a free SSL certificate good for 90 days at this link