All of the teaching are “Real World Cases” which is huge.

Nicu ParenteSoftware EngineerExpediaBellevue, WA

The challenge of the bootcamp was like being dropped in the ocean, with a group of strangers, just far enough from shore to put everyone way out of their comfort zones. This class was a combination of intimidating, constantly challenging, and a lot of work. But, with a lot of patience, prodding and encouragement, the instructor was able to lead us all safely back to shore, much stronger from our experience. In the end it was very rewarding and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in really understanding cloud computing.

Anthony JonesDirector of OperationsGetableSilicon Valley

Class discussions are video recorded and made available offline for self review. That is really great since some of us can’t make a few of the sessions.

Arjun BajracharyaAnalyst IIExpediaBellevue, WA

Cloud Genius has enabled me to most efficiently evaluate professionals in the IT industry and allows me to quickly find the exact skill we are looking to hire. I strongly recommend Cloud Genius program to any one interested in enhancing their cloud skills.

Michael ZuckermannSr.Technical Recruiter2rbConsulting, Inc.Seattle, WA

Cloud Genius instructors went above and beyond course expectation in several areas by being available for one on one discussions and taught many non cloud topics students were interested with. Although Cloud Genius is a team of industry experts, they are very humble and thoughtful.

Shahul HameedDirector of EngineeringExpediaBellevue, WA

Cloud Genius is amazing– lots of accelerated content with interactive instructor lead examples. Very knowledgeable instructor in the Cloud, Open Source & DevOps space. Coming from Microsoft for well over 16 years, I was blindsided by all the open source options (infrastructure, code, framework, deploy tools, etc), easy availability & global community support. It is a totally different approach from the MSFT world. I really learned a lot from instructor lead examples plus stepping through the module based write ups offline really helped me learn quite a lot on my own. The program provides a lot of valuable content with great attention to detail and hands on examples are impressive.

David RiveraService OpsMicrosoftRedmond, WA

Instructors are helpful and very considerate when we say we don’t get it. Really important!

Ahren SwettTransitioning Service MemberUS ArmyJBLM

This was all new to me. I needed to get a complete understanding of Cloud technology in a very short time. Cloud Genius is exactly what I needed. The live lectures are recorded so you can go over in detail the material until you feel comfortable. The instructor is available to help you as needed just about everyday. I now have a great understanding of Cloud and the technologies that are associated with it. This made for an excellent transition for me into cloud design and integration.

Brad SchaefbauerService Manager, Cloud ServicesBoeingBellevue, WA

The Cloud Genius courses are very informative. Many quality examples are provided. Hands-on usage with detailed documentation and recorded sessions are wonderful aids in the learning process. Would recomment to anyone interested in better understanding the Cloud.

Mark A UllbergCloud Services Support ManagerBoeingEverett, WA

I took these series of courses because I recognized that during my time being part of an enterprise level cloud operation that the state of cloud services had passed me by. Cloud Genius boot camp focuses on the current state of the business and is constantly updating the curriculum to expose the new popular technologies being used by the industry. Cloud Genius focuses on the needs of the students including content requested during the course. I see this course becoming a regular part of my continuing education to keep up with industry trends. Thanks for a great program!

Pat TurkatteEnterprise Cloud Administrator and IT Consultant MicrosoftRedmond, WA