Cloud Genius is amazing– lots of accelerated content with interactive instructor lead examples. Very knowledgeable instructor in the Cloud, Open Source & DevOps space. Coming from Microsoft for well over 16 years, I was blindsided by all the open source options (infrastructure, code, framework, deploy tools, etc), easy availability & global community support. It is a totally different approach from the MSFT world. I really learned a lot from instructor lead examples plus stepping through the module based write ups offline really helped me learn quite a lot on my own. The program provides a lot of valuable content with great attention to detail and hands on examples are impressive.

David RiveraService OpsMicrosoftRedmond, WA

Class discussions are video recorded and made available offline for self review. That is really great since some of us can’t make a few of the sessions.

Arjun BajracharyaAnalyst IIExpediaBellevue, WA

Originally not sure what to expect from this real-time interactive (instructor led) experience, I ended up very impressed and with exceeded expectations overall. The exceptional leveraging of multiple multimedia, collaborative, and cloud-based tools conveyed each lesson very clearly. Student and instructor interaction and information sharing was highly collaborative (mostly real-time during class, but also off-line as warranted). The well-organized, well sequenced and very relevant curriculum (including relevant exercises) served as a solid foundation to the interaction.

Ted MiroulisSenior Solutions ArchitectWindstreamEdison, NJ

I completed the course and was very impressed with the amount of information, variety of platforms covered and the level of detail provided. I had very little Cloud and Linux experience and the instructor was sensitive to that fact, ensuring we understood concepts prior to moving to the next topic area and provided recordings for additional review. Cloud Genius provided detail and depth across a variety of Cloud providers, platforms, tools and solution offerings, which ensured extensive knowledge across required topic areas.

Mark MyersSr. DirectorMicrosoftRedmond, WA

All of the teaching are “Real World Cases” which is huge.

Nicu ParenteSoftware EngineerExpediaBellevue, WA

I took these series of courses because I recognized that during my time being part of an enterprise level cloud operation that the state of cloud services had passed me by. Cloud Genius boot camp focuses on the current state of the business and is constantly updating the curriculum to expose the new popular technologies being used by the industry. Cloud Genius focuses on the needs of the students including content requested during the course. I see this course becoming a regular part of my continuing education to keep up with industry trends. Thanks for a great program!

Pat TurkatteEnterprise Cloud Administrator and IT Consultant MicrosoftRedmond, WA

Empowering…that is how I would describe this course. The material is presented in a logical and easy to digest format that anyone can pick up and follow. If you are interested in this area of work and want to start gaining immediate experience, do yourself a favor and take this course. I highly recommend you to That is what you will become if you do!

Michael CurrySenior ConsultantLaunch ConsultingBellevue, WA

Cloud Genius instructors went above and beyond course expectation in several areas by being available for one on one discussions and taught many non cloud topics students were interested with. Although Cloud Genius is a team of industry experts, they are very humble and thoughtful.

Shahul HameedDirector of EngineeringExpediaBellevue, WA

Cloud Genius was a eyeopener for me to know how much is out there. The program covers various technologies used in cloud world and gave in depth practical use of it. The instructors had in depth experience in various technologies used in cloud and walked us from design thru having the product in function. There are lots of hands on example to give real sense of how it works. Program goes into concepts and gives the theoretical details of design and make use of open source, then jumps into practical and builds the product to show the application. Cloud Genius gives exposure to variety of platforms, options available in market, different tools and technologies, open source products to use which gives us extensive understanding of different topics. There are lots of topic that has been covered in detail with hands on example. Great program.

Mukesh ShahiTechnical Architect, Product Development LeadBoeingBellevue, WA

From simple to complex cloud implementations, this course offers the variety of awareness and understanding. The course provided an understanding of how to deploy virtualized environment on personal computing resources or cloud hosting services. The course also covered automated deployment schemes to implement software development environments in a way hobbyists and professionals can understand. The course had me engaged through videos and realtime interactions. Even though you may not be a developer, the course provides insight and curiosity for fully taking advantages of cloud technologies.

Alejandro VelozCloud ArchitectBoeingCharleston, NC