Cloud Workstation

The Cloud Workstation is your personal sandbox. It is a virtual machine based on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) and is already setup with all software and libraries you need for use in our programs. It would run within VirtualBox virtualization software that you need to install as well.

Think of your computer as a beautiful garden that you want to preserve while you experiment creating and destroying sand castles right in the middle of that garden without creating a mess. This is why we install an isolated sandbox area in your computer so any mess we create in the program stays within the boundary of the Sandbox and does not destroy the beautiful garden that your computer is.

First, download VirtualBox and set it up.

Next, install ResilioSync

Next, use ResilioSync to sync the OVA to your computer Cloud Workstation OVA package, wait for sync to complete.

It will download OVA package. Import the OVA package into VirtualBox and run Cloud Genius Workstation.

Watch me set this all up